Monday, 23 June 2014

Kapo Kapo

Our FABULOUS Russell School students will taking part in the Kapokapo at Te Rauparaha Arena this Friday the 27th.  Tickets cost $8 for 13yrs and over and a gold coin donation at the door for under 12 years of age.  Please come and support our hard working kids and AWESOME Teacher Aides, Whaea Rachel and Matua Andrew who have worked long hours and who have given up their lunchtimes to take practices with our kids.

Here are our handsome boys doing the Haka.
Look at how beautiful our girls are. Way to go Faamanuia....Pukana BLAH!
On the week of the Queens Birthday the whole school took part in planting trees along our back bank. All the children were able to get their hands dirty and were also able to learn how to plant a tree properly.  This was a great experience for everybody, myself included.  Peter and Chris from the Forest and Bird Society donated us 200 trees.

Susan and Riley are planting a  Ti Kouka or Cabbage Tree

Peter and Ezra have just planted their Ti Kouka and are members of the Garden Club

Danny (on the left) and Phoenix are collecting the mulch for their tree.

Phoenix (back), Danny (right) and Neziah have just finish planting their tree.