Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Juniors garden up a storm too :)

Planting and having their own plant pots.

"Children are like flowers, water them daily with love and watch them bloom."

Each week we have the priviledge of having Whaea Nancy take our Senior kids to gardening club and now we have a prent help come in and show our Junior school kids how to look after and plant seeds to make our gardens (and their own at home) look nice.  
Here's some pictures of our Junior kids doing what they love - Gardening.
Infront: Harlem, Zung Bwam, Cordieus, Oceana, Airini (obscured) with their pot plants and some of our plants in the school gardens
One of many butterflies in our gardens.
Every Thursday and Friday you can catch Whaea Nancy and her green-fingered angels planinting, pottering or cleaning around and in the gardens.
Be in quick to get some of our scrummy silverbeet, tomatoes or beans.  Homegrown by our very own Russell School Gardening clubbers :)

  I leave you with this
"Every child is a different kind of little flower,
and all together they make this world a
beautiful garden."
Happy reading and come in to enjoy our gardens :0

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