Monday, 14 April 2014


This week see's our Senior School (Years 5 & 6) venturing out into the big wide world of CAMPING.  For some it could be seen as GLAMPING but there shall be no hairdryers, full length mirrors or chalets to bunk down in...we are doing it RUSSELL SCH style - CLASSY YET REAL :)
Our kids will have an amazing time and life experiences that only come once in a blue moon at this age so lets support our tamariki and come to the concert on Wed night 6pm, Palm Grove, Paraparaumu.

(Pic 2012) Just some of the things we will be doing at Palm Grove :)
Matua Andrew will be joining us in the afternoons to have some fun and hang out with the kids.
Matua Aaron, Whaea's Helaina, Nancy and Deb will be holding down the fort while we're on camp but I will sure be keeping you all informed on what we've done etc next blog.

Until then take care and happy reading :)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Juniors garden up a storm too :)

Planting and having their own plant pots.

"Children are like flowers, water them daily with love and watch them bloom."

Each week we have the priviledge of having Whaea Nancy take our Senior kids to gardening club and now we have a prent help come in and show our Junior school kids how to look after and plant seeds to make our gardens (and their own at home) look nice.  
Here's some pictures of our Junior kids doing what they love - Gardening.
Infront: Harlem, Zung Bwam, Cordieus, Oceana, Airini (obscured) with their pot plants and some of our plants in the school gardens
One of many butterflies in our gardens.
Every Thursday and Friday you can catch Whaea Nancy and her green-fingered angels planinting, pottering or cleaning around and in the gardens.
Be in quick to get some of our scrummy silverbeet, tomatoes or beans.  Homegrown by our very own Russell School Gardening clubbers :)

  I leave you with this
"Every child is a different kind of little flower,
and all together they make this world a
beautiful garden."
Happy reading and come in to enjoy our gardens :0

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Malo Lelei 
Week 9 has indeed crept up on us and so much to report.  It's been a week and hope my latest updates will bring you all up to date but most of all bring a smile to your eyes :)

 Several of our Teacher Aides have been on a workshop or supported sports over the last week.  
PB4L Workshop: We have Matua Aaron and Whaea Rachel who attended a workshop (with Whaea Lynda) about Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L) in our schools and to learn/listen from other Kaiako.  Here we have Lynda and Aaron working on some strategy sheets
 Big ups to Matua Andrew who got special mention from our speaker Liz for work well done with his Whakairo group.  AWESOME :)
Inter-Sch Hockey Tournament:  Whaea Helaina went with our Yrs 5 and 6's to the Inter-school Hockey Tournament last Wednesday.  Here's some shots to see how they worked those hockey stick...could be Black Sticks reps in here?
               (Light Blue Team) - Shyheim, Hussein, La'mont, Telsie, Tony, Miti, Fano and Angelica.              
(Navy Blue Team) - Siose, Cornell, Patrick, Soane, Nate, Shelshel, Melita, Eli, Reanne. 

Light Blue Team (Top) and Navy Blue teams in action
Congrats to all our kids who participated in the Hockey tournament :)

Reading Together Programme:  Whaea Rachel is helping with afterschool care for the Reading Together programme so if you are interested please see Whaea Michelle or Whaea Eunice.  There are lots more spaces to fill :)
Here's a look at what activities our T.A's have done this week.  Enjoy :)
Rm 1 - Taniela, ARJ and Alatina work on their writing and sentences.
Rm 1 - Harlem, Reign, Tylah, Valentina, Taniela, ARJ and Enele get into the spirit of recycling bottle-tops to create pictures
Scrabble anyone?  Dominic plays "Sound Dominoes" with ARJ and Taniela.
Fa'amavaega and Nino challenge each other with scrabble.
Whaea Nancy working with Galway, Matua Andrew working with Cale
 On that note, have an amazing read throug.