Friday, 24 May 2013

Greetings and salutations to our fellow cyber bloggers :D 
Holidays have come and gone (aaaahhhhhh !!!) yet I could so do with another week of R n R.  Week 3 is now upon us  and so much has happened.  

 Our ORRS kids have been busy making popcorn, helping in the gardens, practicing music with the ukulele.

This term we have a AFL being taught on Wednesdays and our kids are loving it.  Something new other than Rugby Union or League.

We had READING A BOOK week which was awesome and getting to act while reading is CHOICE.  From Tuesday to Thursday classes went down to the local library to see new things and to see what our local library offers them as awesome learners.  

This Friday we have SOUP day and all our kids will get some nice hot soup to have with their lunch.  

More photos to come from the term next week and more updates of upcoming events.  Until then, happy blogging :)