Monday, 25 March 2013

Week 8 has come upon us so here's some of the programmes we are all doing.  Enjoy and looking forward to your feedback. 
Phoenix using a touch screen ipad with Nancy in support
Various programmes - Spring Into Maths and ESOL
Nino and PJ reading programme - Mileage Reading in Room 2

Ethan and Max learning the ukulele in Music Therapy and stick exercises in Physicl Therapy
Language programme with Helaina.

There are more pics to come and so many more to write about but on that note, I shall endeavour to put fingers to the keys before the week is out.  Until then happy viewing :D

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Where for art thou green fingers?
With our warm weather upon us, some of our students - Ethan, Phoenix and Euta have been busily working in our school gardens.  
 Butterflies have also been on the agenda of looking after and seeing them all hatch from their cocoons.  Awesome caretakers these kids have been.
Our boys continue to grow in their knowledge of different plants, how to take care of them and which is which.  The cocoons have hatched nicely and if you're lucky, you'll see our beautiful butterflies flying around the school grounds.

Happy gardening everyone :) 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Big Data Trip into the big smoke of Wellington City.  Awesome day had by all.  Kids loved the large wood puzzles (THANKS LOTS to our hosts at Old Saint Pauls church).  Check out some of our photo collages from our big adventure.  
 Bus ride into the city to learn about THE BIG DATA
We arrive at our destination - The National Library.

National Library Team
Maori legend of how the sky and earth were separated.

Old St Paul's pics

There's so much more to learn about BIG DATA so make time to go and check out this amazing event at National Library.  

Next event - Fun Friday with Cannons Creek

Take care all until my next T.A/Support Team update