Wednesday, 27 February 2013

WARM PACIFIC GREETINGS to one and all who venture into our A-TEAM blog.

It's been a few weeks since I popped in so I'd best update you all on what has happened since week one.  Firstly let me re-ontroduce our AMAZING T.A-SUPPORT TEAM to you all.

Matua Andrew - our very own 'MAN ABOUT THE WHARE' has returned with a new step in his walk ... married YIPEE and congrats to him and his new wife.
Andrew will be heading our WHAKAIRO group once again this year as well as helping with KAPA HAKA-PERFORMING ARTS GROUPS.  He also works with several groups throughout the school and takes alot of our sports teams to inter-school events.

Whaea Kirsty - move over USA 'Dog Whisperer', we have the original 'DOG WHISPERER' right here at Russell School.  Bit of advertising here but Kirsty is one of the top dog handlers in NZ.
Kirsty works in our Junior school and does awesome stuff with the kiddies she works alongside.  She also does one-to-one with students.  Kirsty is a music and sports buff and you might even catch her at a t-ball games or 2.

Whaea Helaina - 'JACK OF ALL TRADES'.  If she's not in one of your kids classrooms, you'll definitely find her in the office helping Deb with something or getting someone's kai or ... well let's just say she does the mahi (work).
Helaina works in both the Senior and Junior schools with ESOL students/Maths/Reading and works alongside Deb in the office.  

Whaea Rachel - 'SWEETNESS - DARLING....'.  Somewhere in your day you will indeed hear these words around the school.  
Rachel works in both the Senior and Junior schools doing Spring Into Maths, Music and Physical Therapy, and heading our school Polyclub and Kapa Haka-Perfoming Arts groups with Matua Andrew.  
Rachel enjoys a good laugh and chocolate and just plain old hanging out with the kids and staff alike.

We have our amazing 'GREEN FINGER EXTROADINAIRE' Support Teacher Whaea Nancy who leads and oversees our T.A (Teacher's Aide) team.   Nancy is a mean baker and has treated us all to a cake or two or three since coming on board our wonderful team.  She is one of our Literacy and Reading teachers and helps some of our students with gardening hence 'GREEN FINGER EXTROADINAIRE'.  

Last but not least on our awesome list of Support staff through the school let me give a shout out to our Russell School's very own 'go to' person...Deb Wallace. You may see her in the office most of the time but she is our angel amongst many and can be seen helping with First Aid, taking parents to she does so much.  


Don't be shy to rock up to any one of us and introduce yourself so like the Sesame Street song goes ... WHO ARE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD? that's the only way we'll know who you are.  

Have a great year ahead and would love to hear your comments. 
ROCK ON 2013