Wednesday, 31 October 2012


 Talofa Ni. 
This week we celebrate the island of Tokelau - Gagana (Language), fatele
(dance) and much more.   
Already we are into our 4th week of term 4, 2012 and we as a school have been doing so many things.  CHEEHU!!!! 6 more glorious weeks till Christmas break.
Next Thursday (8.11.12) we as Teacher Aides and Support Staff have a special event at Cannons Creek School. We are graduating from our PASIFIKA TEACHER AIDE LANGUAGE COURSE.  Watch this space for interviews (hehe) and photos from our fabulous day.

Its always good to learn another reo and acknowledge our many ethnic groups here at Russell School.   Here are some Tokelauan words to learn.  Happy learning :)  

One thing to remember is the 'f' sounds like an 'h' eg Talofa = Taloha
Talofa ni - Hello 
Ala - Wake up
Havali mai - Walk towards me
Tū ki luga -Stand up
Fakalogologo - Listen
Nofo ki lalo - Sit down
Fano - Go please
Hau - Come
Moe - Sleep please
Kikila - Look
Tōfā nī - Good bye
Fafano ō lima - Wash your hands
Fakamolemole - Please
Fakafetai - Thank you
Fano - Go
Fanokehe - Go away
Fano oi moe - Go to sleep
Hau ki loto - Come in
Ulu tonu mai - Come inside
Fano ki fafo - Go outside
Practice learning the vowels
Vaūeli /Vowels (5 vowels) 
A as in far  
E as in egg   
I as in eat
O as in saw  
U as in blue
Practice learning the Tokelau alphabet
 Ko te Alafapeta/Alphabet (15 letters)
A  E  I  O  U  G  K  L  M  N  P  H  T  V 

Until my next blog session, Toha ni :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

WOOHOO we survived .....

Kirsty and Pheonix work on writing.
Alexi reads to Nancy
Matua Andrew tautoko Reihana and Corey showing Richard their mahi
Top a ta mawnin' ta ya fella blagahs ana reedahs .... hehe just thought I'd try me (foreign) accent.  Its week 2 of term 4 and yes, we (as in Teacher Aides/Support Staff) have indeed survived it :)  First week back and all hands on deck so to speak.  Here are some pics of what we did during the week.
Helaina helps Malosi with his story writing.
BIG THANKS again to all our wonderful T.A's and Support Staff.  You all ROCK :)