Friday, 7 September 2012

"The wheels on my bike go round and round ..."

Paul and kids talk about bikes.
Aaliya Rm1 checks the bike.
Yay!  Over the past month our juniors have had great bicycle lessons from one of our parents Paul, who comes in on Friday afternoons with his handy mini tyre pump and kit of goodies :)

For the first part of the session, the kids gather in Rm 4 and Paul takes them through the safety aspects of the bike, how to wear your helmet and naming parts of the bike.

Zung Bawn gets ready to ride.
Our kids have loved it all ... but wait its even more exciting when Paul asks, "So whose ready to take their bikes out?".  If you've never watched a group of wild animals in a stampede you should see our kids when they get on their bikes and nearly run you over and nearly stampede you!!!  Thank goodness for helmets and shin pads :) 

Its been great having Paul come in and show our kids that bikes are cool but also that its about what a makes a bike a bike. Paul showed kids how to pump tyres, what you use to pump tyres, what the inner tube of tyre looks like, where the height of your seat should be, how to sit on your bike seat and ...

                           "On your marks....get set....GO !!!!!!!! 
Next term we have bicycle lessons with our senior school who will be taking their bikes onto the road YIPEEE ...... Watch out world here we come :)

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