Wednesday, 29 August 2012


  Whakairo - (verb) to carve, ornament with a pattern, sculpt.  

         Every afternoon the boys of the WHAKAIRO group are taken on a  journey of self-discovery and literally 'chiselling' their way into the journey of carving and all things tikanga Maori.

Some of the boys carvings are proudly displayed in the library and office entrance.  Here are some pictures to show you just how much carving and waxing art our young boys get into.  

Ihaia and Reihana start second stage of carving - chiselling.
Kaipara makes a steady start on his wood carving.

Corey starts smoothing is paua shell for the eyes on his carving.
Elijah and Billy chiselling their carving.
Reihana uses electric needle to cut into bone carving.

Let's see what our tauri do in the coming weeks and which art will be proudly displayed around the kura.

Ma te wa :)

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