Friday, 30 November 2012

Week 6 .... its the final countdown ...

 Sunny Pacific Greetings to you all.

Week 6 has come fast and furious before you know it, Santa's coming down your chimney for milk and cookies ... oh presents too hehe :) 

What's the goodies of this week?

Hmmmmmmm .... had the pleasure of having the scooter girls come in and show our junior school the ins and outs of riding a scooter.  Man, these scooters, helmets and kneepads are all flash :)

Busy week and busy people.  Thanks again TA's/Support Staff for being YOU!!!

Russell Sch beats the pavements of Wellington :)

Vedui' (il'er) 
Week 7 is upon us and yes, its also nearly over.  This week sees us having gone to:  Frank Kitts Park for a wee play around, cruise on the elevators at Te Papa, see Gandalf the Great on top of the Embassy Movie Theatre building, a little bit of a look-see at Hobbit-ville at Waitangi Park and the Wind Farm in Makara. Wow!  That one day was jam packed.  No wonder me poor toes were aching hehe so check out some of our wheel-wind pictures of our wonderful day ...
Yes morning tea at Frank Kitts Park, Wellington.
Up onto the seagull nest aka lighthouse slide
Swings are cool too

Woohoo our flash rides at Te Papa
'Let us out', they cry ....
Gandalf the Great
Willow rides the elevator ....
Our own little Hobbits hanging around
More Hobbits ...
Hobbit Village down Waitangi Park
Making our way to the Windy hills of Makara to see the WINDMILL FARM was scarey to say the least.  If you're prone to motion sickness don't sit too close to the window but if you like a good ride, watch the sides of those winding roads and you feel like you could fall off...just saying. 

Although the weather was very mmmmmmmmmmmmm we survived it.  Wind mills everywhere.  So back to school we return very tired yet very happy. 

Thursday was SCOTLAND DAY - ST ANDREW'S DAY so big shout outs "Madinn mhath" (hello)  to Whaea Pam, Whaea Catriona and Margaret as we tautoko your motherland day :) :)

So folks, our week has and is jam packed and we've got 2 GLORIOUS weeks to goooooooooooooo till the end of year !!! Have a good weekend all and happy reading or blogging :) :) :)

Thursday, 15 November 2012


Kia Ora, Talofa, Fakalofa Lahi Atu, Kia Orana
Warm Pacific Greetings

WOW!!!! This has been the first time in a week I've been able to get on line and blog about what has been going on in the last week.  

First up we celebrated our PTAP ESOL TEACHER AIDE COURSE last Thursday at Cannons Creek school.  WOOHOO we indeed crammed 10wks of work into 4 days and we enjoyed it all.  

Rachel, Helaina and Andrew recieve their certificates.  Support Staff Nancy smiles on.
CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew, Kirsty, Helaina and Rachel for graduating from the PASIFIKA ESOL TEACHER AIDE COURSE.  Well done!!!  
Check out our fellow graduatees .....
Brandon Int Teacher Aides.
Glenview Teacher Aides and Supporting Teacher
Natone Sch Teacher Aides
Rangikura Sch Teacher Aides  
Fisiena, Rae and Daniel - ESOL TEAM

        Week 5 is nearly over and Christmas is around the corner.  To all our fellow Teacher Aides, have fun while the year is still going and if possible get a CHOCOLATE BOX....WE DID!!!!!  Have awesome week everyone :)           

Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday 2 November 2012
Yes we have indeed survived another glorious week here at RUSSELL SCHOOL. 

This week alone T.As and Support Staff have been out and about with different programmes doing what we do best - help kids extend themselves and having lots of fun along the way.
Here are some photos of us doing our thing:)
Andrew helps Ethan with his writing skills
Kirsty helps Phoenix jump rope
Eating kai at Micael Fowler Centre - NZSO show.
Andrew and Max play matching game.
Add caption
Nancy listens as Eniyah reads to her.

As I look back at our week of learning about Tokelauan Langauge (GAGANA TOKELAU) I have to say FAKAFETAI (Thankyou) to the following students Sina and Telsie (Rm7) for helping me within the maths group to say our numbers in Tokelauan.  I leave you with a Tokelauan proverb that I learnt this week - "E laga kita ko te fanau, te lumanaki o fenua - My endeavours for the children, the future of the nation". (Our children are the future of the nation).

Have an amazing weekend and your feedback on all our blogs would be AWESOME .....:) :) :)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


 Talofa Ni. 
This week we celebrate the island of Tokelau - Gagana (Language), fatele
(dance) and much more.   
Already we are into our 4th week of term 4, 2012 and we as a school have been doing so many things.  CHEEHU!!!! 6 more glorious weeks till Christmas break.
Next Thursday (8.11.12) we as Teacher Aides and Support Staff have a special event at Cannons Creek School. We are graduating from our PASIFIKA TEACHER AIDE LANGUAGE COURSE.  Watch this space for interviews (hehe) and photos from our fabulous day.

Its always good to learn another reo and acknowledge our many ethnic groups here at Russell School.   Here are some Tokelauan words to learn.  Happy learning :)  

One thing to remember is the 'f' sounds like an 'h' eg Talofa = Taloha
Talofa ni - Hello 
Ala - Wake up
Havali mai - Walk towards me
Tū ki luga -Stand up
Fakalogologo - Listen
Nofo ki lalo - Sit down
Fano - Go please
Hau - Come
Moe - Sleep please
Kikila - Look
Tōfā nī - Good bye
Fafano ō lima - Wash your hands
Fakamolemole - Please
Fakafetai - Thank you
Fano - Go
Fanokehe - Go away
Fano oi moe - Go to sleep
Hau ki loto - Come in
Ulu tonu mai - Come inside
Fano ki fafo - Go outside
Practice learning the vowels
Vaūeli /Vowels (5 vowels) 
A as in far  
E as in egg   
I as in eat
O as in saw  
U as in blue
Practice learning the Tokelau alphabet
 Ko te Alafapeta/Alphabet (15 letters)
A  E  I  O  U  G  K  L  M  N  P  H  T  V 

Until my next blog session, Toha ni :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

WOOHOO we survived .....

Kirsty and Pheonix work on writing.
Alexi reads to Nancy
Matua Andrew tautoko Reihana and Corey showing Richard their mahi
Top a ta mawnin' ta ya fella blagahs ana reedahs .... hehe just thought I'd try me (foreign) accent.  Its week 2 of term 4 and yes, we (as in Teacher Aides/Support Staff) have indeed survived it :)  First week back and all hands on deck so to speak.  Here are some pics of what we did during the week.
Helaina helps Malosi with his story writing.
BIG THANKS again to all our wonderful T.A's and Support Staff.  You all ROCK :)


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Physical Therapy Russell School styles

Hi and welcome back to another tell all inside look at what goes on with our ORRS kids.  Introduced this term was a new programme PHYSICAL THERAPY where even I got a good workout.   

Take a look at some of our exercises and see if you can do them at home too.
Our boys Ethan and Phoenix work on building their arm muscles up and do leg exercises so as to balance and hold their body weight firmly.  

Thanks goes out to Ethan's mum for supplying us with the exercise balls.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012



For the last few months once a Friday if you haven't noticed that the T.A's and Learning Support are not on site once a month its because we've all scarpered off to our PASIFIKA Course and loving it all. 
There are so many things we have learnt and learnt from other Teacher Aides bringing their resources to share.  Words like scaffolding, front loading, sentence starters, semantics ... to name a few.
Rae Si'ilata
Rae Si'ilata
Rae Si'ilata (left) leads our PASIFIKA workshops and she started her teaching career in Porirua and is helped by Group Facilitator Fisiena Lupo (right) who is also a teacher at Holy Family School.
We have used this phrase within our Language Assistance groups and wanted to share it with all our readers as its being used in our workshops too.  It relates to scaffolding and reading to and by the teacher to the student then the student in turn does the same.  AWESOME !!!
               Here are some of our pictures from one of our workshops.
Andrew reads "Sione and the Talo" book.
Rachel looks over the pictures ...
Kirsty and Helaina discuss different ways of communicating

...and starts translating and writing the story in NIUEAN.

"Now what's the word for ..."
We have and continue to learn from these workshops especially from each other.  Thanks goes out to our fellow TEACHER AIDES from Rangikura, Corinna, Cannons Creek, Natone, Brandon Int, Glenview and Holy Family schools.

Happy reading until next term  :)